“I am definitely an advocate of your product.  Your customer service has been exemplary…The tiles were great to work with and installed quickly…The tiles have “settled in” nicely and are comfortable to walk on…My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with your product.” – David

“I recently put Freestyle flooring in my entire basement after water issues made it too difficult to have carpet. I really liked your product…I do plan to use your product again…I actually enjoyed installing it!” – Nicole L.

“…passed the ultimate test with Hurricane Sandy.  Five feet of water sat on the tiles and were later caked with sheetrock.  We power washed them and they are ready to be put down again.  On top of that, their customer service is wonderful.” – Loretta F.

“I was very nervous about making such a large purchase on-line with an out of state company I was not familiar with. I am very happy to say that my fears were unfounded. The flooring was easy to install and looks very good, too. Thankfully, it’s waterproof capabilities haven’t been put to the test at this time — and hopefully never will.  I did have a problem with delivery  — I was short two boxes of tiles — but after I spoke with a customer service representative and explained the situation, I received two boxes of tiles in a few days.  I would recommend Place N’ Go Flooring to friends and family. ” – Cynthia T.

“We love our Place N’ Go flooring!  Installation was straightforward.  Had a lot of tiles to cut since our room wasn’t square but my table saw made it easy! … we are very happy and have recommended the flooring to others.  Too bad there aren’t more retail outlets.”  – Mike L.

“We have been showing off our kitchen and the flooring is a smash hit with everyone.” – Brian & Jean

“From our experience, this is a great product with great color choices, that makes a weekend makeover or any larger project, very easy. ” – Paul P.

“Place n go flooring was used in our basement office and has been a huge improvement over the previous commercial grade carpet.   The office had taken on water on a few occasions and we needed a product that would hold up to moisture.  The product not only looks great but does what its’ designed to do.  It wears great and everyone loves our new “bamboo” floor.” – Kim G.

“I LOVE THE FLOOR and when the basement flooded slightly this past Spring I simply picked it up, dried it well and put it back down. What a life saver.  I had tried everything in the basement and most of my problems came from hydrostatic pressure lifting or soaking anything I tried. Finally after 45 years finding the right product has made my life so much easier.  I am so happy I found your site and purchased your floor.  I also like the sponginess of the walk on a cement floor. Thank you Select Tech!!!!!!” – Jeanne G.

“We love the tile and are looking forward to doing another room, perhaps in the fall.  You have been absolutely wonderful to work with…” – Jane L.


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