Greening a (Concert) Tour

When a band goes on tour, they provide fans with a chance to experience the music they love, live and in the presence of other fans.  A good concert can be simply sublime and leave you with a feel-good glow that lasts for days.  Unfortunately, touring leaves a rather large carbon footprint.  Adam Gardner, guitarist with the (awesome) band Guster, and his wife, Lauren Sullivan, started a foundation called Reverb to help offset the carbon footprint bands and fans leave behind.

English: Adam Gardner in concert.
Adam Gardner (Image via Wikipedia)


“Reverb provides comprehensive, custom greening programs for music tours while conducting grassroots outreach and education with fans around the globe.”  Working with bands like the Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5 and Sheryl Crow, Reverb encourages fans to carpool to concerts, guiding people to Zimride, where people can find other carpoolers; they provide free hydration stations so people can fill up their re-usable water bottles, and encourage fans to be green with contests like the Greenest Fan Scavenger Hunt


Reverb takes “…a positive “work-with” approach and believe that being green is not all or nothing; many people doing some things will have more impact than some people doing everything”.  And that’s a great motto that we should all work toward.





Living in the Future Now – Highlight on NASA’s Sustainability Base

Apollo 11 Launched Via Saturn V Rocket

While NASA is best known for space flight and exploration, they have made many earth-bound contributions to society: CAT scans, water purification systems, WD-40, TV satellite dishes and the list goes on and on.  Recently they have been quite busy creating the most sustainable federal government building yet.

Their Sustainability Base is, “a building designed in harmony with its environment.  A building where you can work by natural daylight and breathe fresh air; one designed and constructed to LEED Platinum standards and decorated with materials that are beneficial to your health.  And one so smart and intuitive it knows exactly how much energy you’re using – and adapts itself based on weather, season and work patterns.”  And what about it’s carbon footprint?  We don’t need no stinkin’ carbon footprint!  The Sustainability Base has ZERO carbon footprint.  Yes, folks, this is the future (of buildings, anyway).

Astronauts have to be at the top of their game, continuously, and their environment has to support that. As a result, who knows more about creating an optimal performance environment than NASA?  So NASA has put all its knowledge regarding ideal human environments to work in the Sustainability Base making it not just easy on our environment, but great for the people working inside of it.  For example, the design of Sustainability Base has taken into account the sun’s arc across Moffet Field (where it’s located in Silicon Valley) in order to maximize daylight.  And unlike most offices, the windows actually open to provide ventilation; in fact, they are automated to allow cool air into the building at night.

NASA states that, “Just as the lunar landing on Tranquility Base represented a giant leap during the space race, so Sustainability Base will stand as an icon symbolizing NASA’s dedication to solving environmental challenges we face on Earth.”  Bring it on.