We love a good project around here and wondered: does DIY flooring installation get any easier than measuring, cutting edge tiles, then tapping in your floor tiles?  We don’t think so, but we do get a lot of questions about installations, so we’re going over some of them here:

Q: My floor is very irregular, can I install the Place N’ Go tiles as is, or do I need to level the floor?

A: Because our interlocking floor tiles are so flexible, they are a perfect solution for uneven floors!  As long as your variation isn’t over 3/8″ in a 1′ area, you’re good!

Q: What’s the best tool to cut this with?

A: You can cut Place N’ Go tiles with a circular saw, table saw or jig saw.  Use a finish blade for a clean cut.

Q: If I have a flood, what do I do?

A: Pick up your tiles (marking the edge tiles on the back so you know exactly where they belong) let the tiles and the floor dry, and put them back down.  Easy.

Q: Can I install the tiles right away?

A: No, for the easiest installation you want to keep the temperature of the room  at 65 ºF  to a maximum of 85ºF and then let the tiles acclimate to the room for at least 48 hours.  If the tiles have been shipped to you in extreme weather (under 40ºF or over 95ºF), increase the acclimation time to 72 hours.  If the tiles are too cold, they will not install easily or correctly.

Q: There’s some adhesive leftover from the previous flooring material…how much of that do I have to remove?

A: Not a lot.  Scrape off what you can, making sure you remove any clumps over 1/16″ high.

Q: Do I install it right up against the wall?

A: No, you want to leave about 1/4″ around the perimeter to allow for any expansion of the tiles.

Q: Do I need any special molding or cove base?

A: No, around the walls you can re-install any old molding or cove base you may have removed or use new ones.  If you have other room obstructions (columns, etc.) you can use colored caulking to fill in the gaps.

Q: Can we walk on it right away?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I use any type of mallet to tap the interlocks?

A: No, you should only use a dead blow mallet, like this one.  Rubber mallets bounce too much when you hit and don’t knock the tiles together well.

If you have more questions, please give us a call at our toll-free # (877) 738‐4537 or email us at contactus@freestyleflooring.com


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