Green within Green

David M - c210 (1)

What better place for our certified MAS green Freestyle flooring made from 70% recycled materials than in a forest?  That may sound crazy, but when our customer, David, used them in his cabin in the woods, the results were stunning!

David M - c210 (3)

The tiles were great to work with and installed quickly.  We used them in the bath and kitchen.  The cabin was built in 1940 and the tongue in groove wood flooring is slightly irregular, probably cut at a local sawmill back in the day.  The tiles have “settled in” nicely and are comfortable to walk on.  It was the tile colors that led us to FreeStyle … because they have more of a vintage look.  We were glad to find a product made in USA with recycled content too.

David was gracious enough to send us some before pictures:

David M - Before (2)    David M - Before (4)

I’ve attached photos of the original 1940 Congoleum Gold Seal linoleum “carpets” I discovered in each room after removing two layers of vinyl sheet flooring from the 60’s and 80’s.  These photos are followed by the bare wood floors with everything removed.

David M - Before (1)    David M - Before (3)

Then I’ve shown several views of your tiles in each room.  I caulked the ¼” perimeter gap in both rooms with expandable caulk … My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with your product.

David M - c211 (2)    David M - c211 (1)

I am definitely an advocate of your product.  Your customer service has been exemplary…

David M - c210 (2)

Thanks David!!

For more information please visit our FreeStyle, FreeStyle BioLock and Place N’ Go websites!  Or you can email us at 

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