Daycare flooring that just lets them play!

Place N’ Go flooring is the perfect choice for a day care center. Made with a highly durable and stain resistant wear layer, Place N’ Go flooring will stand up to the toughest kids activities. If students ever do creatively destroy a tile, just pick it up and replace it with a new one. Unlike laminate floors, it’s easy to take a tile out of the middle of the room and replace it.

License to Spill

Children will make messes. With Place N’ Go flooring, expensive carpet cleaning and harsh cleaners are a thing of the past. Spills are no problem – a little soap and water will pick everything up. Place N’ Go’s outstanding dirt and stain protection make them the right solution for your school or center.

More Comfortable for the Kids and Your Staff

Place N’ Go floors have a resilient composition that will make those hard landings a little softer for the kids. And for colder, winter months, Place N’ Go floors will be a lot warmer for bare feet than ceramic or vinyl tile.

What are you thinking?

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