Mother Earth to SelecTech: Thanks a million!  


The end of April has become synonymous with Earth Day. As a company that makes its tiles from 70 percent recycled materials (and are 100 percent recyclable), SelecTech typically doesn’t go out of its way to celebrate Earth Day. Why? Because being greener really is a 365-days-a-year job for us. Yet the recent holiday did give us cause to reflect on how green SelecTech actually is. Here goes:

  • In 2013, SelecTech recycled one million pounds of materials. ONE MILLION!

As impressive as that one year total might sound, it’s actually par for the course for SelecTech. Since we opened for business 12 years ago, SelecTech has recycled 13 million pounds!

Much of the credit for these recycling efforts falls with our SelectAgain™ Take-Back Program. With this program, SelecTech will buy back back product at the end of its useful life and/or from cutting waste and reuse it in the production of new products.


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