Place N’ Go for Safety?

Photo Courtesy of rick's flickrstream

If you have children or buttery fingers like I do, you’ve most likely lost a glass or two, as well as some plates, when they’ve slipped out of someone’s hand (or fallen out of the cabinets in a mini avalanche).  We used to have ceramic floors in our kitchen, and while visually appealing, they were downright dangerous!  Whenever a cup or plate fell on the floor it would absolutely shatter into a million tiny pieces.  I learned to jump back pretty quickly, lest one of those shards imbed itself into my leg.   Even things that shouldn’t break, like a yogurt, would.

I can truthfully say that ever since we installed Place N’ Go interlocking floor tiles made with resilient, recycled plastics, we haven’t lost a mug, glass or plate.  And not through any effort on our part, it’s just that when you do drop something, it literally bounces!!  Now I don’t recommend you start playing Frisbee with your good china, but Place N’ go tiles have enough give to them that you don’t have to worry about the occasional mishap.  (Now if I could just get my teenager to stop knocking our kitchen wares together and chipping them when he puts them away…)

Another way Place N’ Go tiles are safer is they’re not as slippery when wet as some other surfaces can be.  Our ceramic tiles were so smooth and shiny that they were like a skating rink when wet.  Place N’ Go tiles have enough texture to them that when you’re coming in from the rain you won’t end up zipping along the room and landing on your rear (yup, I’ve done that).

Place N’ Go floor tiles…attractive, easy to install and helping to prevent the decimation of your housewares and your bones!



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