Why Is This Box So Big?? And Why Is My Receipt So Long??

I love online shopping.  I can find what I want with the greatest of ease, check out product reviews and compare prices without ever leaving my desk.  Why waste gas driving from store to store, right?  Unfortunately, I think that any benefits my stationary shopping may have are negated by the utterly gob-smacking over-packaging my purchases arrive in.  My most recent purchase was a spatula; this is what I got:

What the what??  It’s not a Fabergé egg and that’s an awfully big box for such a small kitchen utensil.  This kind of waste is rampant and I know I’m not the only one to find it completely outrageous: check out this flickr stream dedicated to ridiculously over-packaged items.  But can anything beat the delivery one customer received of a mouse on a wooden pallet?

And when it comes to paper waste, this is the receipt for one bottle of eye drops from my local supermarket: an almost 2 foot long receipt for a 4 1/2″ bottle package of eye drops.  (In the past, after actual grocery shopping, I’ve had receipts as long as I am tall.)  And, no, kind cashier, I don’t need a bag for that.


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