“Greenhouse Gases are the Steroids of the Climate System”

Droughts in TX…1400 record-high temperatures  broken or tied this July….Halloween snow in the Northeast…and that’s just the U.S.  The video above, via Treehugger, is an NBC  report about climate change; it’s quick and concise but covers all the basics with the final conclusion being that, yes, global warming is real and can no longer be denied.

The news report also mentions research conducted by the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project.  The Berkeley project is interesting because it was funded in part by the Charles G. Koch foundation.  As the owners of Koch Industries, Charles and his brother, David, have made most of their billions from the oil industry and have been quite vocal expressing their doubts about climate change.  What can they say now that the study they funded has shown that the science is there to back the claim of climate change?


What are you thinking?

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