Solar Power Made Easier

Have you been thinking about solar power?  Are you wondering if the cost of the panels and installation is worth it?  Then you’ll want to know that the cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically over the last two years and now Westinghouse Solar has made solar power for your home even more affordable, and easier than ever, with their release of all-in-one rooftop solar kits.  Created with the DIYer in mind, these kits include everything except some wiring and tools.  According to the company, their technology uses up to 80% less parts than other systems, resulting in a much easier and streamlined installation process.  And Westinghouse claims their solar panels deliver 5 to 25% more energy than other brands.   

There are three differently sized kits available:  “The 20-panel contractor kit provides enough power for about 70 percent of a typical home’s energy needs. The four-panel “starter” kit is perfect for small installations — for example, on the sunny roof of a garage. The single panel “try it” kit is great for people who want to experiment with solar out for themselves on a budget.”

The solar kits are available from home improvement retailers, electrical distributors, contractors and local solar installers. Check out their website at Westinghouse Solar for more information.

Photo Courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr

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