Kinetic Energy + Soccer = Light!

Photo Courtesy thebuffafamily

You know those crank flashlights that use kinetic energy to produce the power for the lightbulb?  Well, those may be a great idea, but what if you took the world’s most beloved sport and used the kinetic energy in play to produce enough energy to power a lamp or mini-fridge?  You’d end up with the sOccket, a soccer ball that “…harnesses the kinetic (motion) energy of the soccer ball during normal game play and stores it for later power needs.”

The goal for the sOccket is to provide power for the 1.4 billion people that don’t have access to electricity.  Uncharted Play (the maker of sOccket) has a few programs in place that aim to distribute sOcckets to families in impoverished areas so they can have clean energy.  One such program is the “Buy One, Give One”, when you buy a ball, one ball is given to someone in need.

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