Composting for a Greener Lawn and Garden

Previously I posted about how to keep your lawn healthy while limiting the monetary and environmental impact.  One important thing I didn’t mention, because I felt it deserved its own post, is composting.

Compost is decayed plant matter and when used in place of fertilizer, there are so many benefits to be had!  Benefits to your lawn and garden include:

  • Adding nutrients to your soil.  As the organic matter decomposes, bacteria and fungi turn it into a rich fertilizer.  And compost releases these nutrients over time, rather than all at once like most commercial fertilizers.
  • Increase the soils ability to retain moisture.
  • Reduce plant diseases and pests.
  • It’s cheap and can be made using your lawn clippings and kitchen scraps.
Photo courtesy of Nancy Beetoo

Benefits to the environment include:

  • Keeps waste out of landfills.  Roughly one third of the garbage in landfills is composed of organic waste from our kitchens and yards.  With landfills filling up fast it makes sense to keep as much out of the garbage piles as we can.
  • Less chemical fertilizers in our soil and water.
  • Reduction in amounts of methane released by material in landfills.

This Fine Gardening article will show you how to build your own composting bin.  Composting 101 shows the different kinds of bins available for purchase.

What are you thinking?

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