Place N’ Go to the Rescue!

Place N' Go Travertine Beige

When the ceramic tile in my basement kitchen started cracking due to an imperfect sub floor, I always knew I was going to replace it with Place N’ Go interlocking, free-floating floor tiles.  Due to their flexible nature, they are a great solution for problematic basement floors.  I did keep putting it off but when our plumbing recently sprung a leak and water seeped under the tiles, I couldn’t procrastinate any longer.  I got my hands on Selectech’s new Place N’ Go flooring – now available online at the Home Depot – and dedicated the weekend to my new floor.

Of course, it didn’t actually take the whole weekend, just one Saturday.  The tiles were much easier to install than ceramic, they look fantastic and we could walk on them as soon as they were down because there’s no waiting for grout or adhesive to dry.  In fact, the kids were scampering all over the floor before the installation was even complete!

The floor looks beautiful and we’ve gotten many compliments on it already.  And while we hope we won’t have any more leaky pipes, even if we do, we can just pull up the tiles, dry the area and the tiles, and then put them back down.  Place N’ Go tiles also added a bit of warmth to the floor; while the rest of the basement has icy cold floors, the kitchen is quite comfortable to walk on barefoot, and here in New England that’s wicked awesome.

5 thoughts on “Place N’ Go to the Rescue!

  1. absolutely love this! just looking around online initially shopping for carpet tiles(this is my very first diy project-) and I ran into place n go tiles. Im sold.

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