What does it mean to go “Green”?

There is so much information regarding how we can go green or be “eco-friendly” that it can seem like there’s too much information.  Sometimes the advice we read and hear even contradicts itself and other sources.  There is, however, one thing that everyone agrees on: we must “REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE”.

1.  REDUCE – This one’s easy: just use less stuff.  Buy less and when you do buy a new item, look for something that will last and then maintain it.  Borrow books from the library or buy used books.  Use less water; install low flow toilets and shower heads.  And use your dishwasher; because they use a set amount of water to clean all the dishes rather than a variable amount, dishwashers are actually more efficient than washing dishes by hand!  Power off or unplug electronics when you’re not using them (most electronics use a small amount of energy even when they’re powered off).  Insulate your house so you use less energy to heat or cool it.

2.  REUSE – Don’t just throw things away; get creative!  Refill your water bottles.  Turn that ratty t-shirt into a dust rag.  Store leftovers in empty jars.  Use reusable cloth shopping bags instead of plastic ones.  Store screws or nails in empty coffee cans.   Give magazines, DVDs and books to friends.  Donate what you can to local charities.  Turn your well-loved but unwearable clothes into comfy pillows.  And soda bottles with the tops removed and a few holes punched in the bottom can make good planters.

3.  RECYCLE – Glass, paper, plastics and aluminum.  Many towns and cities have curb-side recycling, which makes this ‘R’ one of the easiest.  Many municipalities have different rules, so find out what your town’s rules are.  And then stick to them; it’s easy to contaminate a batch of plastics making the whole thing rubbish.

Check out the Natural Resources Defense Council for more great tips.

Basement with Place N' Go Red Oak

SelecTech’s hard-surface flooring can help you achieve all three ‘R’s.  We’ve put a lot of thought into what our flooring is made of and what will happen to it when the consumer is done with it.  With our product, we’re recycling a type of carpeting that can’t be reused.  Our flooring also has a much longer life than other materials, thereby drastically reducing waste disposal, manufacturing of replacements, energy to transport replacements, etc.  And because you don’t use any adhesive with Place N’ Go™, FreeStyle™ or SelecTile™ flooring, if you move, you can pick it up, take it with you and reuse it in your new location.  In addition, if you decide you want a new finish, because we make all the layers out of the same basic material we can take back your old flooring, recycle it and make new tiles out if it!

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