SelecTech completes 90th flooring installation for Floyd’s 99 Barbershop


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We recently completed installations of flooring at two Floyd’s 99 Barbershop locations. The installations in Costa Mesa and Woodland Hills, California represent the 90th Floyd’s 99 Barbershop location where SelecTech flooring has been put in place.

In a busy barbershop, barbers are on their feet all day. So, the comfort level of the flooring is not only critical to their health and well being, but the quality of haircuts they give. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop understands that simple premise and that’s why virtually every chair at their shops around the country are surrounded by our FreeStyle flooring.

SelecTech’s FreeStyle flooring addresses the needs of hair salons, spas and barber shops. Employing a cutting-edge (pun intended), interlocking technology, FreeStyle™ flooring installs quickly over existing floor surfaces–without glues or other messy adhesives and without having to completely move chairs and other furniture and equipment for long periods of time. This virtually eliminates down time and causes no business interruption.

Maintenance is another reason FreeStyle flooring has become popular with hair salons, spas and barbershops. Dyes and other chemicals used can damage certain types of flooring, sometimes permanently. With a durable wear layer, FreeStyle flooring is stain-resistant and built for the demanding requirements of the beauty industry.

Even in a very worst case scenario where you can’t get out a stain, it’s only necessary to replace the tile, not an entire section of floor.

Made from recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable, FreeStyle is available in a large selection of attractive styles and can be custom-designed to incorporate salon logos into the flooring.  To learn more about SelecTech products, including the FreeStyle flooring products, visit or call 508-583-3200.

New Color Added to the Place N’ Go Line Up


We are pleased to add a Place n’ Go version of a popular commercial color, Sonoran.  Sonoran is a beautiful but neutral tone we’ve introduced to replace our beloved and missed Travertine Beige.

Stone - Sonoran

Place N’ Go Sonoran will add warmth to any room in your house, while offering the same great benefits of all our other Place n’ Go colors: there’s no need to specially prepare your subfloor, Place N’ Go is water-proof, and there’s no adhesive required, meaning your installation will be a breeze. Check it out on our website or give us a call today!

SelecTech part of Gold Award winning team at 2015 Starnet Design Awards


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The John F. Kennedy International Airport, International Arrivals/Customs – Terminal 1 flooring project was the Gold Winner for Environmental Achievement at the 2015 Starnet Design Awards. SelecTech was recognized for being part of the team that installed the flooring, which was led by Lane’s Floor Coverings & Interiors, Inc.

The project took place in October 2013 and involved the installation of 75,000 square feet of flooring at JFK Airport’s Terminal 1 and its baggage claim area. Our FreeStyle flooring product was used for this installation.

What makes the Starnet recognition particularly gratifying is that the JFK installation truly demonstrates the benefits of SelecTech flooring products. You will not find a busier area than an airport terminal, with foot traffic in abundance around the clock. The baggage claim area was never closed during the installation of this flooring. So, besides looking great, the project had little or no impact on operations.

We sincerely appreciate the recognition by StarNet and the people at JFK Airport for the opportunity. Click here to read more on the 2015 StarNet Design Award winners.

SelecTech’s European Sales Double!

In fall 2013, SelecTech inked a distribution agreement with Wolfgang Wambier to act as our European distributor for our StaticStop, static control flooring division. That effort included marketing SelecTech’s FreeStyle ESD products under the EcoStat brand. The Wambier name and SelecTech products have been a dynamic combination as sales doubled in 2014.

“We couldn’t be happier with how this agreement has worked out,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech, Inc. “Not only has sales doubled, but this partnership continues to make StaticStop the only full-line static control flooring company with an international presence.”

For more information on Wolfgang Wambier, visit For more information on SelecTech ESD products, visit

SelecTech has it down, completes Fresenius Medical Center installation!


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We recently installed 6,000 square feet of its FreeStyle Biolock flooring at the Fresenius Medical Center in Ashland, Kentucky. The new flooring was installed on the ground floor of the Center’s dialysis center.

“Medical facilities like Fresenius are treating patients with serious medical conditions. Simply put, they do not have the luxury of down time while installing or replacing flooring,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech. “Our flooring employs a patented interlocking technology that virtually eliminates the need for adhesives. You don’t even need to remove the existing floor or move machinery or furniture for extended periods of time. Essentially, we can undertake a job like the one at Fresenius with zero down time.”

FreeStyle BioLock tiles are made from 70 percent recycled materials and are 100 percent recyclable. Other BioLock features include: Enhanced ergonomics and sound reduction; meets CA 1350 indoor air quality protocol; third-party IAQ certification by MAS Certified Green; and more. FreeStyle BioLock flooring comes with a 10-year commercial wear warranty.

To learn more about SelecTech products, including the FreeStyle and FreeStyle BioLock flooring products, visit

SelecTech goes Global at Global Shop 2015

Daniel's Market - Terra Cotta (5)

SelecTech, Inc., a leader in the manufacture of innovative flooring products from recycled materials, will be an exhibitor at Global Shop 2015, March 24-29 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. SelecTech will man booth #3625.

GlobalShop is the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing. It’s the only show in the world where you can find the largest, most comprehensive array of store fixture companies and more in-store solutions than any live event in the nation.

This is our first time exhibiting at Global Shop and we can’t wait to show attendees the retail applications of our FreeStyle flooring products-particularly as it pertains to branding and in-store kiosks.

With a durable wear layer, FreeStyle products are built for the demanding requirements of a retail setting. The finished surface of FreeStyle is highly customizable, including custom colors, inset design, and digital printing, to give the exact look that a retailer wants for their display.  And, of course, our FreeStyle products are 100 percent recyclable and employ SelecTech’s patented interlocking technology.

If you are going to Global Shop 2015, please stop by our booth.

For information on Global Shop, visit

Wet Basement Protection 101

After SandyWinter is here. In many parts of the U.S. that means snow, rain and combinations of the two. For homeowners in those areas that happen to be near a coastal zone, that can also mean basement flooding. While you may not be able to fight Mother Nature, there are steps to mitigate potential flooding.

For our flooring customers who have flooding issues, we recommend a proactive approach to stopping basement flooding. That can start with simple things like installing gutters and down spouts that move water away from basement walls.

Beyond simple steps like gutters, homeowners should have flooding devices such as a sump pump or back flow valve to keep water from backing up. For more serious basement flooding situations, homeowners should consider installing a sump pit drainage system.

A sump pit drainage system includes a sump pit, a sump pump, and a discharge pipe. The sump pit, set into the basement floor, collects water from the weeping tiles around your basement. The pump pushes the water outside your house through the discharge pipe. The sump pump discharge pipe should be far enough away from the house so that it drains somewhere onto your property where water can be absorbed—and not drain back into the house—such as the lawn or flowerbed.

The other part of being proactive about basement flooding is having flooring that can withstand occasional moisture and is easy to clean. Our FreeStyle & Place N’ Go flooring is one that’s been particularly effective for homeowners with basements in coastal zones, even though it was originally designed for commercial use.

One customer from Staten Island installed FreeStyle flooring in their basement just prior to Hurricane Sandy. The flooring not only survived being under five feet of water, but having sheetrock stuck to it.  And it still looks as good as new!

Said Loretta F.:

 FreeStyle flooring passed the ultimate test with Hurricane Sandy.  Five feet of water sat on the tiles and was later caked with sheetrock.  We completely removed the tiles, power washed and sanitized them, and then put it down again. Looking at the floors now, you’d never know it. On top of that, SelecTech’s customer service is wonderful.

SelecTech’s FreeStyle & Place N’ Go flooring employs a patented, interlocking flooring technology that installs directly on top of existing flooring—the no messy adhesives. So when weather events like Sandy cause flooding, clean-up is as simple as pumping out the water, removing the tiles, power-washing them and re-installing after both the tiles and basement floor dries.

FreeStyle & Place N’ Go tiles are made from 70 percent recycled materials and are 100 percent recyclable. Other features include: waterproof, anti-microbial chemical and stain-resistant composition; 10-mil wear layer with urethane/no wax finish; stays in place under 550 p.s.i. point loads; low noise; excellent underfoot; ADA slip-resistant compliant; and more. And Place N’ Go flooring comes with a 25-year residential wear warranty that is NOT voided by flooding.

Mother Earth to SelecTech: Thanks a million!  


The end of April has become synonymous with Earth Day. As a company that makes its tiles from 70 percent recycled materials (and are 100 percent recyclable), SelecTech typically doesn’t go out of its way to celebrate Earth Day. Why? Because being greener really is a 365-days-a-year job for us. Yet the recent holiday did give us cause to reflect on how green SelecTech actually is. Here goes:

  • In 2013, SelecTech recycled one million pounds of materials. ONE MILLION!

As impressive as that one year total might sound, it’s actually par for the course for SelecTech. Since we opened for business 12 years ago, SelecTech has recycled 13 million pounds!

Much of the credit for these recycling efforts falls with our SelectAgain™ Take-Back Program. With this program, SelecTech will buy back back product at the end of its useful life and/or from cutting waste and reuse it in the production of new products.


Certifiably Green – SelecTech Receives MAS Certified Green Designation 

SelecTech, Inc. recently received the MAS Certified Green® Certificate of Compliance for all our modular floor tiles. This includes SelecTech’s FreeStyle BioLock™, Freestyle Standard™, Freestyle ESD™, Place N’ Go™, SelecTile™ and SelecTile ESD™.


The MAS Certified Green certification is a registered trademark to delineate low VOC emitting products in the marketplace so that purchasers and specifiers of those products know that they can earn credits in sustainability programs such as U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Rating system.  Materials Analytical Services, LLC, an independent provider of emissions product testing and certification of a wide variety of residential and commercial building products through the nationally recognized MAS Certified Green™ emissions testing program, issued the certification.

“You hear various vendors making claims of their product being green or greener, yet those claims are not always backed up with solid proof,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech, Inc. “The MAS Certified Green certification means all our products meet the most stringent indoor air quality requirements.”

For information on the qualifications for MAS Certified Green® program, visit

FreeStyle Flooring Available for $2.99 per Square Foot!



We’ve had an overrun of one of our popular commercial colors, Sonoran, and we’ve decided to make it available to our residential customers for the amazing price of $2.99 per square foot!

This beautiful color is neutral enough to fit in with most décor and will brighten up any room.

Stone - Sonoran

It has the same ease of installation and durability as our Place N’ Go flooring and this beautiful tile is slightly thicker than our Place N’ Go at 3/8″ thick.  It’s sold in boxes of ten and is in stock so you can have yours shipped to you within 1 week of placing your order!  Give us a call (508.583.3200) or drop us an email for samples!


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